Battini or Pipistrellini

Battini or Pipistrellini
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The witching hour is closing in! We rushed this pasta shape into production here at Scratchin’ Central so you can make up a batch of these Pipistrellini (our guess at small bat in Italian) for Halloween dinner.

cutting bat pasta
Simply roll out your pasta dough and go to town with a small bat-shaped cookie cutter.

Simply roll out a batch of fresh pasta dough (we worked with about 1/8 of the dough at a time) and use a bat-shaped cookie cutter to cut out a bunch of bats.

shaping pasta bats
Lightly press each bat over a chopstick to give it a bit of a shape.

We placed each bat over a small wooden stake in case vampires are about (really a chopstick) to make for something approaching a 3D shape. Once finished, you’ll be ready to serve your bats in a blood-red sauce!

What a fun shape for Halloween. Fives!

Worth the trouble?

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