What’s this about?

Another food blog – who needs it? Right.

Well, this one is different. Here on Scratchin’ It we’re going to cook from scratch. The way your ancestors did. The way everyone did. And the way we should once again. Why? As you’ll see, it’s not that difficult. Sure, some recipes will be a bit involved, but others will be so easy that anyone can do it. Anyone. We’ll also see that food cooked from scratch tastes better, is better for you, takes just a little more effort, generally costs less — even with high quality ingredients — but most of all, helps us become more aware of the foods we eat.

Together we’ll figure out the best recipes, techniques, and ingredients that will make our meals taste fabulous. Better than a mix. Better than frozen. Better than ordering out. Just better all around.

10 Replies to “What’s this about?”

  1. Outstanding..great recipes..great layout and no ads. it’s a joy to see someone who loves to cook and wants to share. Your site is truly a pleasure to visit.

  2. So pleased .. no .. excited .. to have discovered this site. I have just printed off some yummy recipes and ‘saying’ that, my ‘Meyer’ lemon tree is the main reason I’ll forever stay at my address.
    Thank you!

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