Baked Arancini

baked arancini
baked arancini
Tasty, easy, crispy, and creamy.

We’re not sure about you, but we don’t deep-fry anything. Too messy, and too much trouble. We do pan-fry foods occasionally (Fried Okra, for example), but to fill up a Dutch oven with a gallon of oil, fry enough for two, then do something with the oil afterwards, nope. That’s not for us. Fortunately, you can almost always bake some of those things you’d deep-fry, instead. Yes, we know, they really aren’t the same, and we agree, but, if the choice is between baked or nothing, we’ll, we don’t scratch our heads thinking about that one.

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Blueberry Cornmeal Cake

blueberry cornmeal cake
blueberry cornmeal cake
Corny, blueberry, streusely!

A few days ago, we were trying to think of a new post for today, and, one of us said, “dessert.” Let’s make a dessert. We haven’t had a dessert post in a while, so why not? We thought about what we had available, looked through our Rolodex, and found that, way back in March of 2013, we were interested in making a blueberry cornmeal cake. We figured, better late than never.

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Rice and Eggplant Casserole

rice and eggplant casserole
rice and eggplant casserole
With salad and bread, a complete meal!

We were thinking of moussaka when we made this, and we almost called it that, but that wouldn’t be correct, as moussaka is generally made with ground beef or lamb. This is simply a rice and eggplant casserole that we happened to mix up for dinner one night, although we did treat the rice similarly to when we made those delicious Savory Whole-Grain Nuggets. Feel free to scratch this up and let us know what you think, or, simply change it based on what you have in the house, and enjoy.

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Farm-to-Farm Trading

weekly CSA produce share
Farm-to-farm trading reduced the number of peppers, while supplying apples.

Well, you might have heard us talking about the trading baskets at the CSA. Basically, if there’s something in your share that you don’t want, you can head over to the trading table and see what’s there. If you see something you like better, simply trade a full portion for a full portion (if you get three onions as part of your share, you must trade all three as a full portion — no splitting). The trading table starts with one portion of each item, and changes as the afternoon wears on.

It also turns out that farms will trade, too; we were the beneficiaries of that this week. Farmer Frank traded a bunch of Anaheim peppers for those Golden Delicious apples that we picked up. We really like getting fresh fruit.

This week’s share:

  • Watermelon (1)
  • Golden Delicious apples (4)
  • Anaheim peppers (4)
  • Red potatoes (1 basket)
  • Amaranth greens (1 bunch)
  • Winter squash (1) — we chose an acorn squash
  • Summer squash (4)

Green Chili and Cheese “Tamales”

polenta tamales
polenta tamales
Not authentic, but really good.

Okay, a confession. We have no idea how to make tamales. Well, that’s not quite true; we know that you make a dough from masa harina (flour made from dried hominy), place some on a corn husk, layer with chili and cheese, more masa harina, wrap and tie the husk, steam, and finally enjoy. We’ve always heard that it’s a lot of trouble, and, because it is, one makes dozens of tamales at a time. Well, we don’t have masa harina in the house, and we’re not going out to buy some. We really don’t need yet another type of flour in our cupboard. Maybe we can use stuff that’s in our cupboard to come close enough.

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You Think We’re Working on Labor Day?

Uh, the answer is no.

But, we will leave you with a photo of our weekly bread baking: plain, cranberry-apricot, and walnut-cherry, all based on our Easy Wheat Bread recipe. Which one’s which? You can figure it out.

plain, cranberry-apricot, and walnut-cherry breads
This is pretty much our bread for the week. We love scratchin’ out the best!

Spanish Rice with Nopales and Green Chilies

Spanish rice with nopales and green chilies
Spanish rice with nopales and green chilies
Quick, easy, and mostly hands off cooking!

Yesterday, we showed you how to clean nopales and get them ready for use, but we realized that we only have one recipe posted for using nopales. It’s a good one, Nopales Con Papas y Más (cactus pad with potatoes and more), and one of our favorites. In fact, it’s about the only way we cook nopales, but, this time, we were out of potatoes, so we made up this dish, instead.

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