Baked Goat Cheese with Cherries, Apricots, and Walnuts

baked goat cheese with apricots, cherries, and walnuts
Simple and tasty appetizer!

This is a super-easy and super-quick item you can put together as an appetizer to  serve with bread or crackers. Or, if you want a light snack, or even a light dinner (which is what we did), you can use it for that, too. Your choice.

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Fall is Coming Up Fast

weekly CSA produce share
This week’s crop includes a good mix of fall vegetables.

This week’s share is starting to looks like a fall crop. Except for those squash blossoms, which we think of as something more for spring. But, with the way the seasons work in the southwest, it’s possible to get two fast-growing, typically summer crops in one year. We don’t know what kind of squash Farmer Frank has planted that resulted in these blossoms, but we’re sure that in a month or two, we’ll be getting some in our shares.

The share this week included:

  • Pattypan squash (3)
  • Anaheim peppers (3) — traded for another Armenian cucumber
  • Armenian cucumber (1)
  • Diva cucumbers (3)
  • Red potatoes (6)
  • Yard-long green beans (1 bunch)
  • Squash blossoms (1 bag)
  • Red bell peppers (3)

In case you’re wondering what we do with squash blossoms, just click this link.

Cecamariti Pasta

Lighter and more tender than pasta!

As dedicated readers of Scratchin’ It, you know we love to make pasta. Especially if the shape of the pasta is something we can form without the aid of a machine like an extruder or a pasta roller. Why? Well, we really think that fresh pasta is something everyone should make from time to time, and shapes that can be made by hand put pasta-making in everyone’s wheelhouse.

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Black Bean and Sweet Potato Quesadillas

black bean and sweet potato quesadillas
Muy Bueno!

Sure, this is a simple dish to prepare, but, what do you expect when we get back from traveling? Some fancy meal? Nope, something simple, nourishing, and good. But, don’t worry; though these sound like ordinary quesadillas, we added a Scratchin’ It touch that makes them just a bit more special. Read on and see.

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No Posts Means Another Trip!

Yes, we were gone again, so we didn’t have posts for the past week or so; however, you can be sure that something food-related will show up on Monday. For today, we’ll just leave a photo from our most recent trip. It’s up to you to figure out where it was taken.

vacation location
Do you know where this was taken? We do, as we were just there a few days ago.

Sweet Potato Gnocchi

sweet potatoe gnoch with mushrooms
A few sweet potato gnocchi are poking out.

We don’t have enough gnocchi, and we’re willing to bet that people who’ve had really good gnocchi — there are a lot of bad versions of gnocchi out there — readily agree. One of the main reasons we don’t have gnocchi more often isn’t because they’re somehow troublesome, as they aren’t; actually, it’s because we generally get red potatoes in our CSA share, and russets, being starchy and dry, are a better choice for potato gnocchi. Plus, we often forget that gnocchi can be made from something other than plain white potatoes. With that in mind, let’s scratch out a batch of savory sweet potato gnocchi.

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Amaranth Greens Soup

amaranth greens soup
Bright and tasty!

It doesn’t have to be amaranth; this soup will also work with spinach, asparagus, or any of the mild-tasting greens. We just used amaranth because we picked it up in this week’s CSA share and had the makings of stock on hand. When the remnants of hurricane Newton came through and it was rainy and dreary all day, it seemed to be perfect soup weather. And, while soups are often paired with chilly days, and amaranth is something you might get in a summer CSA share (or at a farmers’ market), you might just want to keep this recipe handy for when you need to use a lot of greens.

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