Roasted Butternut Squash with Pistachios, Brown Butter, and Rosemary

Butternut squash, pistachios, brown butter, and rosemary
The best squash dish yet!

Long title for this recipe, which you might think makes for a long time at the stove. Well, no. This is a straightforward way to cook up squash — roasting — followed by a coating of a brown butter sauce. Not too bad, right? And, with the squash season starting, this could be beginning of a new tradition for the holiday table.

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Homemade Ramen Noodles

homemade ramen in broth
Hot, slurpy, and tasty!

Now, why in the world would anyone want to make ramen noodles from scratch? After all, those things are the ubiquitous staple of college dorm rooms everywhere, mainly because they’re fast, filling, and, most of all, cheap. Very cheap. So, again, why make something that you can buy for less than a quarter?

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Just a Smackerel For Today

Thomas Keller's Blueberry Muffins
We think these are some of the best muffins ever.

Today, we don’t really have a new recipe post; instead, we’re going to suggest that, for a treat, you try Thomas Keller’s Blueberry Muffins (replace the blackberries with blueberries in the recipe). These really are the best; plus, they have an advantage: you make the batter the night before, so you can bake them up fresh and hot for breakfast. That’s what we did.

Pear, Pecorino, and Walnut Galette

pear, pecorino, and walnut galette
Part of our Thanksgiving dinner.

This Thanksgiving we did something different. Instead of having scads of traditional food with huge amounts of leftovers, we went with smaller, slightly different, dishes. Such as the Vermont Cheddar Soup, and this dish, Pear, Pecorino, and Walnut Galette. That way, we thought, we could have dishes that seemed more elegant, but wouldn’t have to deal with many so leftovers. Good idea? We’ll leave that for you, fellow scratcher, to decide.

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Last Stand at the Okra Corral?

weekly CSA produce share
Almost December and still getting okra? Yes, that’s unbelievable!

At least, we’re guessing that this will be the last time we get okra this season. Not that we’re complaining; we love okra and will take it anytime we can get it. It’s surprising that we’re getting it this late in the season, though, as okra is a hot weather crop and we’re not sure that we’ve even had it in our share after October prior to now. Go figure.

This week’s CSA share:

  • Okra (1 bag)
  • Navel oranges (2)
  • Spaghetti squash (1)
  • Arugula (1 bunch)
  • Roasted red chilies (1 bag) — traded for more okra
  • Basil (1 bag)
  • Mustard greens (1 bunch) — traded for, yes, more okra
  • Green onions (1 bunch)

Vermont Cheddar Soup

Vermont Cheddar soup
This is one of our favorite soups!

We love this soup, but we hadn’t had it for years. Not because it’s difficult to make, but, well, probably because it’s such a good soup, that we feel we need a special occasion to make it. This year, we had it as the soup course for our Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, we did courses for our dinner: appetizer, soup, entrée, and dessert. It gives us good practice on timing dishes, and, with just the two of us, it’s not that arduous.

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Twice-Baked Potatoes

twice baked potatoes
Not much harder than baked potatoes, but twice as good!

Okay, we should’ve posted this before Thanksgiving so you could’ve made them for the big day (although we just made them up for an ordinary dinner, not for a special occasion). If you’re disappointed that you couldn’t get this recipe in time for the holiday, you could try seeking a refund. If that doesn’t work, keep these in mind for the next big holiday coming up.

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