Lime Rosemary Pasta Dough

lime rosemary fettucini with mushrooms and peas
lime rosemary fettucini with mushrooms and peas
Fresh pasta cooks so fast; it’s perfect for quick dinners, provided you plan ahead.

This might seem crazy, but, when we know we’ll be short of time for a meal, we make fresh pasta. It’s true. Fresh home-scratched pasta is faster than commercial dried pasta, provided you plan. We simply make the dough when we have 5 spare minutes in the day, let it rest for at least 30 minutes, then roll and cut it when we have another 15-20 minutes free. When it’s time to boil up the pasta, fresh takes only 2-5 minutes. And, it tastes so much better.

This week, we had a leftover lime sitting in the refrigerator without a use in the world. We’ve made lemon pepper pasta dough in the past, so we pondered about what would go well with lime in pasta. We didn’t think pepper. After some thought, we decided on rosemary, partly because we have it fresh, but also because we think those two flavors will work well together.

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Watermelon and Arugula Salad with Maple Poppy Seed Dressing

watermelon and arugula salad with maple poppy seed dressing
watermelon and arugula salad with maple poppy seed dressing
The key to salads is variety. Mix up the flavors, the textures, and the colors.

We check the CSA website before we head down to pick up our produce. It gives us a bit of time to think about what we might make that would help finish up what we have in the house along with some really fresh vegetables. This week, we saw arugula on the list. Now, the arugula we get isn’t like what you can get in the store. What Farmer Frank grows seems to be super arugula, meaning it’s peppery. Very peppery. We thought we’d pair the peppery arugula with some cooling left-over watermelon in a salad. It turned out so well we had it two days in a row.

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Pickles Are in Our Future

weekly CSA produce share
A mix of fall and summer vegetables is nice for mid-October. Soon, we’ll show you a great dish to make from those acorn squash.

Our first share since we got back from our road trip, and we’re excited by what we received. Especially the pickling cucumbers. It seems that, this summer, we didn’t get many cucumbers; perhaps this is a start at making up for the summer dearth. We even traded our tomatillos for another share of cukes, with the intention of making Super-Easy Pickles, a nice bread and butter pickle that you can make in 20 minutes, start to finish.

Our week’s share:

  • Pickling cucumbers (6)
  • Tomatillos (1 basket) — traded for more cukes
  • Acorn squash (1)
  • Gold onions (2)
  • Basil (1 bag)
  • Squash blossoms (1 bag)
  • Eggplant (1)
  • Hanover kale (1 bunch)

And, from the surplus basket, another acorn squash.

Zion, and Bryce, and Canyons, Oh My!

Bryce Canyon National Park
The scenery in Southern Utah is simply stunning and unbelievable.

Yes, off again! This time, we drove up to Zion National Park, headed over to Bryce Canyon for a night, then on to Capitol Reef, and down to Canyonlands. There’s no place quite like Southern Utah, where you can see so many stunning rock formations in a relatively small area. We’re lucky that it’s only a (long) day’s drive from here.

Seriously Chocolate Cocoa Nib Macaroons

cocoa nib macaroons
cocoa nib macaroons
Possibly the most chocolatey cookie ever.

With that sundae made with home-scratched Triple Vanilla Ice Cream, we had egg whites to use. The easiest thing we know to make with egg whites is macaroons. They’re simply nut meal, sugar, and egg whites all mixed together and baked. We wondered if we could make a macaroon with super chocolate flavor by using cocoa nibs in place of nuts. Well, let’s head on over to the Scratchin’ It lab to find out!

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Maple Breakfast Patties

maple breakfast patties
maple breakfast patties
A bit healthier than sausage.

Remember those Savory Whole-Grain Nuggets that we made a while back? We loved them so much that we wondered if we could do something similar to make a breakfast patty. And, guess what? About a week later, we saw a recipe for making maple breakfast sausage in Egg Shop, by Nick Korbee. We figured, any restaurant that specializes in egg dishes probably knows a thing or two about breakfast sausage, too. We also figured that we could put the Scratchin’ It lab employees on overtime to combine the two ideas, and make our version of Maple Breakfast Patties.

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It’s Still Hot, but Winter’s Coming

weekly CSA produce share
The winter forecast calls for greens, lots of greens.

Even though we’re expected to have record temperatures later this week — nearly 100°F for the first part of October, yikes! — we can see winter approaching steadily. No, not in the weather forecast, but in our produce share. Just look, two kinds of greens! That means nothing other than winter in this area. It also means that we’ll have to start working on our “greens cooking skills,” because, if we get behind for even a few days, we won’t catch up.

This week’s share:

  • Tendergreens (1 bag) — as a single word, it’s a mild heirloom mustard; as two words it could be anything green and tender
  • Arugula (1 bag)
  • Acorn Squash (1)
  • White onions (2)
  • Roasted Green chilies (1 bag)
  • Squash blossoms (1 bag)
  • Pickling cucumbers (3)
  • Golden Delicious apples (4)