Shaping Bottone (Pasta Buttons)

Shaping Bottone (Pasta Buttons)
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Buttone, or pasta buttons!
Buttons! Well, Bottone!

Can you guess what “bottone” means? We thought so, just from the picture. This is another in our ongoing series of pasta shapes, and we think that it’s one of the cutest. Plus, it’s pretty easy to make these bottone for your dinner.

Now, these might not be a traditional shape for pasta, but they’re close to corzetti, a traditional Ligurian pasta shape, so perhaps they aren’t so new, after all. We’re still taking credit for them, and, if you scratch these out, feel free to give us the credit.

Now, let’s see how to make them.

cutting pasta circles
Roll out the pasta into sheets and use a cutter of some sort to make circles about an inch in diameter.

Simply roll out your pasta dough as thin as desired. We used a pasta machine, but a rolling pin will work, too. Then, cut out small circles (about an inch in diameter), using a small biscuit or cookie cutter. The scraps can be re-rolled in the next chunk of pasta dough.

punching button holes
We used a thin chopstick to make the button holes — four per button.

Now, punch holes in the pasta button with a small skewer, and you have a button. We did four holes per button, but two would be fine, if that’s what you want.

These do take a while to make; it took us about 30 minutes to use up a batch of pasta dough (8 ounces, or enough for two people), so you might choose another shape if you plan to serve eight people. Feel free to look through all our pasta shapes by clicking here.

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