Rob’s Famous Baked Nachos

Rob’s Famous Baked Nachos
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robs famous baked nachos
Learn from the master nacho man himself. We did!

If you know Rob, you’ve probably have had these nachos. If not, you’ve been missing out on some really tasty meals. Now, this really isn’t so much a recipe; instead,..

…we’ll let Rob tell it in his own words:

The ingredients vary, but the overriding principle remains the same — Ratios! You must exercise caution to insure that you do not have too much of any of the ingredients — you know the deal — moderation in all things, including moderation. They’re never the same, but some of the best batches are rather thin when baked.

Start by layering a baking sheet with tortilla chips, but not too many — an average depth of 1.5 chips per given unit of area is appropriate, We prefer white corn chips, and have found that the larger (not thicker) the chip the better.

Here you arrive at a crossroad. What comes next — salsa or pesto. Both work well depending on the flavor you’re after, but not too much, you don’t want them soggy.

Follow this with just the right amount of diced onions and carrots, then add Morning Star Farms crumbles. A few frozen peas are nice, followed by broccoli. Whole cloves of garlic are also fantastic, as is fresh ginger.

At this point you should turn on your oven to bake. You want it to be medium hot. Our current one seems a bit cool to me — I set it to 425°F.

Next, add the cheese. I start with Parmesan, then add crumbles of feta. Next is a nice layer of Swiss with an extra-sharp cheddar topping. I then sprinkle it with dill weed and bake until the onions are done. This can take up to 30 minutes depending on your oven. It’s also nice to walk over to Mary Anne’s and get some fresh rosemary.

Naturally, other ingredients are fine too. We made some wonderful batches of ‘garden nachos’ this summer that included red or yellow bell peppers, yellow squash, and green beans from our garden (the carrots and onions on them were also home-grown). And the basil. Experiment all you like; just watch those ratios.

I also recommend a fine IPA to accompany this sumptuous feast if you are so inclined!

nachos before being baked
Our toppings included: beet chips, black beans, corn salsa, walnuts, and more.

There you have it from the nacho master himself. All we can do is add a few photos to give you some idea of what Rob’s Famous Baked Nachos look like. And, if you follow the Tao of the nacho master, your nachos will always be five stars.

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