Scratched Sour Cream

Scratched Sour Cream
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If you are like us, you probably have some heavy cream left over from the various treats that you made for the holiday season. Now, what to do with it, what to do with it? Hmm. What’s made from cream? Of course, sour cream! Don’t just let the cream sour, that probably won’t work, but the following instructions will.

Sour cream, like yogurt, cheese, and most buttermilks, is a cultured milk product. So we just need the right culture. And if you’ve been scratchin’ up your buttermilk like we have, you have that culture. So let’s get started.

Scratched Sour Cream

Scratched Sour Cream


Abbreviated Instructions

Measure buttermilk into a clean glass container.

Add cream and stir.

Let stand overnight, then refrigerate.


Ingredient discussion:

If you’re not scratchin’ your buttermilk you could use store-bought buttermilk.


measuring buttermilk
Use one or two tablespoons of buttermilk that contains live cultures.

Measure buttermilk into a clean glass container.

pouring out cream
We didn’t measure the cream, but we know these containers hold 1.5 cups, so we just poured.

Add cream.


stirring cream and culture together
Thoroughly mix the buttermilk and cream, you want to make sure that the cultures are well distributed.



covered container
Cover and let sit for 12 to 24 hours. Longer times make thicker sour cream.

Let stand overnight. Yep, leave it out on the counter so those cultures can work their magic and turn your cream into thick, rich sour cream. Then refrigerate.

Yep, so easy anyone could do it. We know, we know, it seems scary to leave a milk product to sit out at room temperature overnight. But what happens when you add the buttermilk as a culture, is that the live culture grows so rapidly in the presence of food, the other microorganisms get crowded out, leaving just sour cream.

Once we learned that making sour cream is a no-brainer, we stopped buying sour cream.

Worth the trouble?

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