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Savory Onion Kugel

savory onion kugel
A great way to use a lot of onions!

Thirteen onions. That’s how many we had sitting on our counter, even though we’ve eaten them like crazy over the last couple of weeks. It seems as though we just get the number of onions down, and then, pow, more onions in our CSA share. We know why we get a lot of produce sometimes, but it still can be daunting when you have a small hill of onions with possibly more on the way. So, we decided to make something new with some of those onions: a Savory Onion Kugel. Now, to be honest, we’ve never made a kugel, have little idea of how to make a kugel, and we doubt that this would pass muster as a traditional kugel (they’re a generally sweet, traditionally Jewish dish), and it’s unlikely to be kosher, but we won’t let those little things stop us Scratchers.

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Sweet Potato and Parmesan Hamantaschen

sweet potato and Parmesan hamantaschen
The first batch from the oven.

Hamantaschen? What the heck are Hamantaschen? Basically, little filled, triangular-shaped cookies traditionally eaten during the Jewish holiday of Purim (we looked it up on Wikipedia to check as, not being Jewish, we have only very rudimentary knowledge of Jewish foods and customs). So, now that we know these are cookies; what’s up with the savory filling?

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slice of pletzel
Pieces of pletzels are best while hot.

Nope, not misspelled. We are indeed making pletzels today. What, you’ve never heard of pletzels? Well, we hadn’t heard about them either, until we borrowed Modern Jewish Cooking, by Leah Koenig, from the public library. Now, we aren’t Jewish, but, that doesn’t matter much, because this book has a lot of great-sounding recipes, including pletzels, that can be enjoyed by anyone. Even if they’re Gentiles. So, what are pletzels, anyway?

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