Meyer Lemon Tart Reprise

Meyer lemon tart
Our Meyer lemon tart, after we had some inspiration.

When we were writing up A Tip for Tarts the other day, we mentioned getting it from the book Modern French Pastry, by Cheryl Wackerhauser, the owner of Pix Pâtisserie. We looked through some of the creations on her website. Most are beyond our capabilities, except, perhaps, her Tarte au Citron. We’ll let you be the judge. To make this, simply follow our directions for Lemon Sabayon Tart, garnishing with chopped pecans and finely chopped cashews. Use a piece of stiff cardboard to cover most of the tart (place it across the crust, not on the filling) while you sprinkle the nuts on top, and finish with a few berries.

Walnut Pâte Sucrée

The other day we were making up a Lemon Sabayon Tart, using Meyer lemons. Normally, we just use our standard Pâte Sucrée recipe. It’s a great tart crust, not too sweet, easy to roll and shape, bakes up crisp, and stands up to almost any filling. We think of it as our go-to recipe for tarts. This time, we changed it just a bit to turn it into a walnut crust that we thought would go well with a lemon filling. It’s a really simple change, one that’s almost not worth posting, but we didn’t have anything else for today, so up it goes.

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A Tart Tip

We’re heading into one of our favorite seasons: Meyer lemon season. We found out it had started when we were shopping and saw 1-pound bags of Meyer lemons right next to the regular lemons. A bag of them somehow hopped into our basket, but that’s fine, as we’ll make a Meyer lemon tart. Meyer lemon tart is probably our favorite thing to make with these tasty, tasty lemons. If you want to make one, too, simply follow the recipe from Lemon Sabayon Tart, using freshly-squeezed Meyer lemon juice. But, before you click to get the recipe, we have a tip for making your crust a bit more professional.

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Yes, Away Again

applying ganache

Yep, we were gone for a while to visit family and to help celebrate a birthday. As part of the celebration, we made up a Chocolate Caramel Tart. It’s pretty easy, looks great, and tastes even better. See for yourself.

chocolate caramel tart
Cocoa nibs for visual and textural interest.

A Little Post-Thanksgiving Hiking

grand canyon
A couple of nights at the Grand Canyon and a bit of day hiking is a perfect break before the holidays.

We’ve never been to the south rim of Grand Canyon during the summer months. It’s just too crowded for us. So, we wait until winter to make the drive, and avoid some of the crowds, and view some of the greatest scenery on earth. Most times the weather is just fine; perhaps a bit chilly, but sometimes we’ve had the pleasure of seeing everything covered in snow. This time, no snow, but we did get in some good day hiking along the rim.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

pumpkin pie
Made from freshly roasted cushaw squash — which is generally what’s in the can.

Today is a day to be thankful, so no post. Just a picture of our pumpkin pie. Enjoy the day.

Zion, and Bryce, and Canyons, Oh My!

Bryce Canyon National Park
The scenery in Southern Utah is simply stunning and unbelievable.

Yes, off again! This time, we drove up to Zion National Park, headed over to Bryce Canyon for a night, then on to Capitol Reef, and down to Canyonlands. There’s no place quite like Southern Utah, where you can see so many stunning rock formations in a relatively small area. We’re lucky that it’s only a (long) day’s drive from here.