Visiting a Rain Forest

Visiting a Rain Forest
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slippery pig sign
A cool little spot where you can grab some food and a local beer.

No posts for a while, because we were off visiting a rain forest; specifically, the rain forest in Olympic National Park. We’d been there before and will probably go back again, as it’s amazing to walk through old growth forests that are filled with bright green moss covering every surface.

olympia capital dome
The capitol building in Olympia is not only beautiful, it’s probably the most accessible capitol building in the US. For that, we applaud the state of Washington!

Not all of our trip was spent out in the wilds. We did manage to visit a couple of great cities: Olympia, which is not only the capital of Washington, but is also a wonderful little city for walking; and Poulsbo, home of the Slippery Pig Brewery. In Poulsbo, we stopped in Western Red Brewing, as well, which is another fun place.

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