Meyer Lemon Tart Reprise

Meyer Lemon Tart Reprise
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Meyer lemon tart
Our Meyer lemon tart, after we had some inspiration.

When we were writing up A Tip for Tarts the other day, we mentioned getting it from the book Modern French Pastry, by Cheryl Wackerhauser, the owner of Pix Pâtisserie. We looked through some of the creations on her website. Most are beyond our capabilities, except, perhaps, her Tarte au Citron. We’ll let you be the judge. To make this, simply follow our directions for Lemon Sabayon Tart, garnishing with chopped pecans and finely chopped cashews. Use a piece of stiff cardboard to cover most of the tart (place it across the crust, not on the filling) while you sprinkle the nuts on top, and finish with a few berries.

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