More Amaranth Greens

weekly CSA produce share
Our CSA shares have looked quite similar over the last few weeks.

If you happen to know of a good use for amaranth greens, please let us know. We get them periodically in our weekly share, and we just haven’t found a good way to use them. We try and try, but amaranth greens are just bland and somewhat blah. The best we’ve come up with is to use them in a frittata, which is okay, but not great. While we’ve eaten the ones we picked up this week, we figure we’ll just make Greens Latkes the next time we bring them home.

Oh, and we’re not the only ones who have problems with them. Every trading basket at the CSA was full of amaranth greens, so, if you do suggest something, you might be helping out a lot of people.

This week’s share:

  • Amaranth greens (1 bunch)
  • Glendale Gold Little Sweetie onions (3)
  • Corn (3 ears)
  • Green bell peppers (4)
  • Red potatoes (7)
  • Jalapenos (1 basket)
  • Tomatillos (1 basket)
  • Black beans (1 bag)

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