Rosemary and Pecorino Romano Soup Crackers

Rosemary and Pecorino Romano Soup Crackers
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pecorino and rosemary soup crackers
Perhaps our best cracker yet!

Sometimes, as for today’s post, we make what we consider to be a softball post. Something that’s easy to post, but still good enough that we think it’s worth posting. Today, it’ll be really easy for us to write the post, but it’s not that difficult to make up these crackers, either.

This idea is simply a variation of the Red Leicester and Thyme Soup Crackers that we made several years ago. To make them, simply follow the recipe link above, but use 4 tablespoons of Pecorino Romano and 1 tsp fresh finely chopped rosemary in place of the Red Leicester and dried thyme, respectively. Everything else is the same, and, you’ll have some tasty crackers, tasty enough to make them five-star crackers.

Worth the trouble?

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