Salty Black-and-White Sesame Cocktail Cookies

sesame seed cookies
sesame seed cookies
Salty! Savory! Sweet! All in one cookie!

Like the Gozinaki we made just the other day, this recipe comes from Dorie’s Cookies, by none other than Dorie Greenspan. In the beginning of the book, she covers fairly standard cookies, chocolate chip and similar ilk, but, later in the book, she has a number of different-sounding cookies, such as Gozinaki, and this one for a partly salty, partly savory, and partly sweet cookie. We were intrigued. So, we made up a batch.

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What? What’s Spinatknödel? We’ll get to it, just wait.

Spinatknödel? What’s that?

This is a recipe based on our trip to Chicago late last year. One of the things we like to do when we travel is to walk around the downtown areas, and, we make it a point to find self-guided walking tours. These can cover history, architecture, food, parks, nearly anything; we just love waking around seeing some of the sights. Well, we’d found some on Frommer’s that we printed out and took with us. And, one tour happened to suggest stopping in the Berghoff Restaurant partway through. We did and loved it. By now, you can guess that one of us had the Spinatknödel for lunch.

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weekly CSA produce share
Bright red beets! We love them!

Ah, look at those lovely beets. And, we picked up two bunches, yay! We know that many people claim they don’t like beets, but they’re one of our favorites, and we’ll take them whenever we can. With the greens attached, it’s like getting two vegetables in one, because we can have the beetroot with one meal, then cook up the greens (they taste like chard) for another. And, we just might make a new dish that uses the stems to great effect. A win-win!

This week’s share:

  • Detroit Red beets (1 bunch)
  • Cilantro (1 bunch) — traded for more beets
  • Blooming onion (1)
  • Bok choy (1 head)
  • Fava beans (1 bag)
  • Sugar snap peas (1 bag)
  • Portuguese kale (1 bunch)
  • Lolla Rossa lettuce (1 bag)


We love the name gozinaki, and they taste great, too!

We owe Dorie Greenspan a round of thanks. Not necessarily because she writes great cookbooks with fun and interesting recipes, but, because her Around My French Table was one of the first cookbooks we looked at when trying to find a recipe for cassoulet. Now, we’re not sure if there is a recipe for cassoulet in there, but there were definitely other recipes that we wanted to try. That’s what got us hooked, and made us want to start this blog. So, thanks, Dorie!

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Death Valley Vacation

devil's golf course
For a real challenge, try playing golf on the Devil’s golf course. In summer!

We took a few days off to drive over to Death Valley National Park. The weather was beautiful, and we loved our time hiking around in the park. The one thing we will say is, if you plan to stay in the park, buy and bring food. There is “food” available there, but it’s quite substandard (the worst was chopped up french fries in a steam table, offered as home fries). Our best meals were the cheese and lettuce sandwiches that we made ourselves — even though they were on commercial bread, which we find tasteless and gummy. But, don’t think we regret going; oh, no, Death Valley is wonderful, and we’ll probably head back that way again in the future.

Bok Choy Risotto with Meyer Lemon

bok choi and Meyer lemon risotto
bok choi and Meyer lemon risotto
Creamy, cheesy, lemony!

Every week when we pick up our produce at the CSA, we also pick up one of their handy newsletters to read on the way home. It’s only one page, but, it’s packed with information. The front side is often about specific vegetables, what’s happening at the farm, information about how to use this week’s bounty, and other general information. The back has three to five recipes that use vegetables that we’re picking up, and, while we use those recipes only occasionally (mainly because we’re often missing several ingredients), they certainly give us new ideas for future meals.

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Roasted Cauliflower Tacos

cauliflower tacos
cauliflower tacos
Have everyone fill his or her own tacos.

We had these several weeks ago for a quick meal — everything can be made ahead and reheated for dinner, which is what we did — that we decided that we’d make them again, and turn the recipe into a post, so others can try Cauliflower tacos, too. The real key here is seasoning and roasting the cauliflower, which brings out a lot of nutty flavor, turning a somewhat bland vegetable into an outstanding vegetable.

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