Earl Grey Madeleines

We loved the Earl Grey Ice Cream we made in the past so much that we’ve been thinking about making an Earl Grey Cake of some sort. Doesn’t that sound delicious? Well, rather than a cake, we settled on a number of small cakes, and made Earl Grey Madeleines, instead.

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Mushy Peas

mushy peas
Despite the name, quite tasty!

These are not traditional mushy peas, by any means. But, don’t let that stop you from trying them. (Traditionally, mushy peas are made by soaking dried marrowfat peas in water and baking soda overnight, then draining and rinsing, then simmering for hours. Now, that’s enough to stop us from trying something that we’ve never even tasted before.)  Don’t let the name stop you, either. Sure, they sound, well, somewhat like baby food, but mushy peas are quite traditional in Britain, where they’re often served at fish and chips shops. That’s enough of a recommendation for us to try them as a side for our Christmas dinner.

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What, No Produce?!

weekly CSA produce share
Our cutting board is bare while the farm crew takes a break.

Nope! The farm crew is on a well-deserved winter break, so we’ll do without farm-fresh veggies this week.

Fresh Pinto Beans with Orange

fresh pinto beans and orange
Fresh pinto beans? Yep!

Now, since we’ve never seen fresh pinto beans in a store, we guess that very few people will need to read this post, but we figured that, maybe, one or two of you wanted to know what we did with those fresh pinto beans we picked up from the CSA. Well, this is it.

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Egg-Less Chocolate Ice Cream (Philadelphia-Style)

philadelphia style chocolate ice cream
Very, very, chocolate!

We need ice cream! Not for us, exactly, although we’ll be having a taste or two, but for a small luncheon that we put together. We decided on chocolate ice cream; in particular, an egg-less, or Philadelphia-style, ice cream. We’d tried vanilla in this style with great success, so we figured chocolate would be just as easy. Wrong!

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Merry Christmas!

A beautiful Christmas morning with snow on the mountains.

Here in Tucson, we awoke to a beautiful vista of snow in the mountains on Christmas morning. That’s our preferred way of seeing snow, far enough in the distance that we don’t have to shovel!

Maple Butter

maple butter
To make it fancy, pipe the butter through a star tip.

Here’s a recipe that will make your holiday dinner seem more festive and elegant, and it only takes a few minutes. What’s not to love? This is based on a recipe from Dirt Candy, by Amanda Cohen — a cookbook crossed with a graphic novel that we love, by the way. If you get the chance, check it out.

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