Cacao Nib and Raspberry Scones

Cacao Nib and Raspberry Scones
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cacao nib and raspberry scone
Bitter, tart, sweet, and savory. This scone has it all!

When we read about these scones in Eric Lanlard’s Afternoon Tea, we knew we had to make them. The idea of slightly bitter cacao nibs with tart raspberries in a flaky scone were nearly irresistible. Naturally, we copied down the recipe in our abbreviated fashion. In full, including a parenthetical comment:

Raw cacao and raspberry scones

Make scones dough. Add 20 g cacao nibs and 10 g freeze dried raspberries (amounts seem low).

Idea from Afternoon Tea by Eric Lanlard

If that’s not quite enough for you, we’ve added a few details and a photo or two.

measuring cacao nibs and raspberries
Freeze-dried raspberries are very light, but they pack a lot of flavor. Here, we’ve measured out 30 g of cacao nibs and about 10 g of freeze-dried raspberries for the scones.

We didn’t bother to copy down the scone part of the recipe, because we already have the ultimate scone recipe that we could modify to use cacao nibs and raspberries. Makes for a simple post; plus, having made these scones many times, a simple snack.

scone dough
Pulse in the nibs and raspberries, exactly as the instructions say for cheese scones.
preparing scones for baking
We really recommend brushing the tops with heavy cream, plus a few more cacao nibs won’t go amiss.

To make these scones, simply make Bouchon Bakery’s Cheddar Scones, omitting the black pepper and replacing the cheese with 1/2 cup (10 g) of freeze-dried raspberries and 1/4 cup (30 g) cacao nibs.  That’s it. If you wish, you can brush them with heavy cream and sprinkle some cacao nibs on top right before baking. We recommend it.

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