Poppy Seed Pasta

Poppy Seed Pasta
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poppy seed fetuccine
Why not have poppy seeds in the pasta?

Just a quick post, since we recently returned from traveling. When we needed something fast and easy one night, but still delicious, we decided to make pasta tossed with poppy seeds, butter, and a little Parmesan cheese. It’s a great-tasting dinner, and variations abound in many countries; you may recall our Polish version, Kluski z Makiem, from a earlier post. While we didn’t make that dish because of the time required, we did find out that you can add poppy seeds directly to the pasta, to give even the noodles a light poppy seed flavor. And, if you’re interested, we’ll show you how we made ours.

adding poppy seeds to flour
We didn’t even measure, we just shook in enough poppy seeds to make it look good. It was probably a teaspoon.
poppy seed pasta dough
Then it’s just knead, rest, roll, and cut. And, before you know it: poppy seed pasta.

This is really simple: just make up a batch of Basic Pasta Dough, adding about 1 teaspoon of poppy seeds to the flour mixture. Then knead, rest, roll, and cut your pasta as usual.  Simple, but it does add something to the dish, at least we think so. For all we know, this is a traditional Italian version of pasta, but, since we thought it up on our own, we’ll take credit for it. Or at least, co-credit. Five stars for homemade pasta; it’s that good.


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