Apricot Pistachio Scones

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apricot pistachio scones
We used the best scone recipe for these Apricot Pistachio Scones.

We wanted a few treats for our fellow volunteers at the downtown walk on Mondays. We always like to bring a little something; that way, we can snack without feeling guilty, and we can offer a treat as a way of saying thank you. What we really try to do is bring something different each time. Now, these scones really aren’t completely different, as you’ll see, but this was the first time we’d brought them.

apricot pistachio scones
The glaze gives them a slight sweetness, and keeps them from drying out too rapidly.

Here at Scratchin’ Central, we like to reuse our best- tasting recipes, with a little twist. That way, they always seem new and fresh, but we know that they’ll turn out great. These scones are a perfect example: based on our Apricot Almond Scones, which are, in turn, based on Bouchon’s Cheddar Scones and Bouchon’s Cherry Chocolate Scones. We think these are a winner. And, if you want to try them in your own test kitchen, just follow the recipe for Apricot Almond Scones, substituting pistachios for the almonds, omitting the almond extract (of course), and toasting and finely chopping the pistachios (no need to simmer them with the apricots, either).

As we expected, these were a hit, with all of them being eaten before we left for the night. And, one of the things we really liked was that we could make and shape the scones earlier in the week, and bake right before heading out so they’d be as fresh as possible. Who says five stars? We do!

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