Vanilla Ice Cream with Honey Swirl and Thyme Marshmallows

Vanilla Ice Cream with Honey Swirl and Thyme Marshmallows
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adding honey
We just eyed up the amount honey.

Now you know why we made Thyme Marshmallows, so we could mix them in ice cream, of course. A few weeks ago when we brought small cups of ice cream down to our fellow Monday night volunteers, one said that her favorite ice cream was vanilla bean with a honey swirl and mini marshmallows. We took that as an opportunity to try a new flavor, only we decided to add our own little touch with a bit of thyme in the marshmallows.

This is really just a combination of two recipes we’ve made in the past, plus a little honey, so there really isn’t much to write up. And, as with most of the country, the temperatures have been quite hot, which caused the ice cream to be very soft, making us pack it as quickly as possible; we only have a couple of photos. Because of that, this post requires no payment on your part. It’s a freebie!

To make this combination, simply make up a batch of Thyme Marshmallows and cut them into mini-marshmallow-sized pieces. Remember that these take at least 12 hours of drying before you can cut them, so plan accordingly. We had made ours up about a week in advance, placed them in a tin, sealed in a plastic bag, in the freezer, and they stayed fresh as could be.

Next, make up a batch of Triple Vanilla Ice Cream, remembering that this requires vanilla sugar, which needs to be started several days in advance, and that the custard must chill overnight before churning.

adding thyme marshamallows
We placed a few marshmallows in each small cup so that everyone would get some marshmallows.

On the big day, simply stir about half of the thyme marshmallows into the freshly-churned ice cream, and add about 1/3 cup of honey, and gently stir it in. Pack into an airtight container and freeze. We were filling small cups of ice cream, so we popped a few marshmallows into each cup (that way, every cup would have marshmallows), then topped with the honey-swirled ice cream.

As you’d expect with homemade ice cream, it was delicious; the thyme flavor was very faint, but you could taste it. Over all, five-star deliciousness!

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