Risotto with Wild Rice and Cranberries

Risotto with Wild Rice and Cranberries
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risotto with wild rice and cranberries
Not traditional, but very tasty!

When we returned from our mini-vacation our refrigerator was nearly bare, but we still needed something for dinner. Always having Parmesan cheese available (well, nearly always), it was pretty easy to settle on making risotto, one of our favorite dishes. With dried porcini mushrooms in the cupboard, we could have a very traditional Italian dish: Porcini Risotto. Or, scrounging through our staples, we could do something different. We went with different.

Originally, we weren’t going to write up this dish, but, it turned out so well, we just had to let our fellow scratchers in on it. Since we hadn’t planned on doing anything with this recipe, we really don’t have any pictures, and our recipe is pretty simple: Follow all the instructions for Porcini Risotto, but add 1/4 cup of wild rice when you add the arborio rice, and add 2-3 tablespoons of dried cranberries when you add the Parmesan cheese. If you can remember that, just click on the link above and start Scratchin’.

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