caraway seed cookies
koulourakia cookies
The twists have a tongue-twisting name: koulourakia.

In general, we don’t like making cookies. Especially as treats for others. After all, everyone makes cookies. And why is that? Well, they’re really, really good, but, they’re also really easy, and we like a challenge. Plus, if we’re bringing a treat, we want it to be a treat, something a little different. So, when we read about these Greek cookies, we knew we had to try them ourselves.

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Worth the trouble?

This is Summer!

weekly CSA produce share
Some of the great joys of summer include: watermelon, cantaloupe, peaches, and, our favorite, okra.

There’s nothing that says summer like watermelon, cantaloupe, and peaches! The flavors of summer, and the messiness as you eat these juicy treats. When you look at our produce from the CSA this week, think how different it is as compared to what we were getting in the winter (nearly all some sort of greens) to understand the idea of eating seasonally. You might think it’s hard, and it is daunting at first, but we find that we adjust. So much so, that it seems as if by the time we tire of eating greens, they’re gone, and by the time we tire of eating fall crops and would give anything for a huge salad, the greens are back. It’s almost as if our bodies knew all along that people should eat seasonally.

Our share consisted of:

  • Mini watermelon (1)
  • Cantaloupe (1)
  • Peaches (4)
  • White onions (5)
  • Okra (1 basket)
  • Yellow crookneck squash (4) — traded for more okra
  • Cherry tomatoes (1 basket)

And there was a lonely bunch of Swiss chard sitting in the surplus basket that we took with us.

Shaping Bottone (Pasta Buttons)

Buttone, or pasta buttons!
Buttone, or pasta buttons!
Buttons! Well, Bottone!

Can you guess what “bottone” means? We thought so, just from the picture. This is another in our ongoing series of pasta shapes, and we think that it’s one of the cutest. Plus, it’s pretty easy to make these bottone for your dinner.

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Worth the trouble?

Rosemary Pasta Dough

rosemary pasta dough
rosemary pasta dough
Nice and smooth and ready for resting.

Right before we went on our mini-vacation, we had some tomato sauce sitting in the refrigerator that we wanted to use. Even if we’re only gone for a few days, we try to clear out those odds and ends that migrate towards the back of the fridge when you’re not looking. We immediately thought of just cooking up pasta, but, rather than use plain pasta, we thought that we’d amp it up a little.

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Worth the trouble?

Kale, Strawberry, and Almond Salad with Grapefruit Vinaigrette

kale strawberries and almonds
kale strawberries and almonds
It’s kale, but it’s pretty good.

As we get close to our CSA pickup day, we have fewer and fewer vegetables in the refrigerator, forcing us be a little more creative with our meals. We don’t think that’s a bad thing, however, since it gets us trying dishes that we might not have, otherwise. Today’s post is a case in point; we needed something for lunch, but, when we looked in the refrigerator, it was pretty bare.

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Worth the trouble?

Another Vacation

surf of the Pacific ocean
Just looking at a picture of the Pacific Ocean is enough to cool us off. Well, a bit, anyway.

This year, we’ve tried to go someplace (out of town, we mean) about once a month, and, so far, we’ve succeeded. Our plans for June luckily coincided with some of the hottest temperatures in Tucson (close to 116°F, whew!) in quite a while. While we were here for that blast of heat, the next day we headed over to San Diego to be what’s sometimes called (perhaps not affectionately) Zonies. We didn’t care, as the weather was much cooler.

Moroccan Carrot Pickle

moroccan carrot pickle
moroccan carrot pickle
Hot carrots!

We’d guess that most people don’t make pickles very much anymore, which is a shame, because they’re often so easy. Now, we’re not talking the pickling that we remember from years ago: the packing of dozens of jars, the making of quarts of brine, the canning and sealing of Mason jars. We’re talking about small-batch pickles, of which you can make just a pint or so, and keep in the refrigerator for a snack. These are easy, and, with just a pint, it’s not that bad if you don’t like them. A case in point is these carrot pickles: we made exactly one pint, mainly because, with some of the ingredients required, we weren’t sure how they’d turn out.

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