The Greens are in Full Swing

weekly CSA produce share
Look at all those lovely shades of green. They looks as if they could’ve come from the Emerald Isle.

All, look at all those lovely shades of green. All fresh and lively, making one think of the spring to come. Here in Arizona, winter is our greens season, as it’s mild enough to grow nice bright, vibrant greens — at least the ones that can take a light frost. Other places, greens tend to show up in early spring. Regardless of when they show, we love getting a large variety of greens, because it just feels right to be eating leaves loaded with chlorophyll right now.

Our weekly share included:

  • Arugula (1 bag)
  • Chinese cabbage (1 head)
  • Braising mix (1 bunch)
  • Salad mix (1 bag)
  • Yellow onions (2)
  • Hakurei Turnips (1 bunch) — these are our favorite turnips
  • Pinto beans (1 bag)
  • Red Russian kale (1 bunch)

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