Baked Camembert with Apricots and Pistachios

Baked Camembert with Apricots and Pistachios
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baked camembert
A bubbly, gooey, chunk of cheese with fresh bread.

Bread-baking day was a bit delayed by our most recent trip. It’s not too big of a deal; we fed the starter right before we left, froze the wheat berries (for grinding) the day we got back, and started the dough the day after. But, that did mean we’d be baking late on Thursday, the night we usually get dinner on the town. Since we’d eaten out a lot while we were on vacation, we decided to have a meal at home, after we ran a few errands and stopped in for happy hour at our favorite watering hole. During that time, we’d be letting the bread dough proof.

Before we left, we picked up a couple of small wheels of Camembert cheese that we’d need to be using soon, and, with bread dough waiting to be baked, we decided to bake a wheel of cheese right along with some bread and call it dinner. There’s nothing quite like a wheel of gooey cheese surrounded by hot fresh bread straight from the oven. We even decided to up the game a bit by adding some dried apricots and chopped pistachios.

This really isn’t a recipe, so we’ll just give you a brief rundown, along with a few photos.

ring of dough
Even though you made a ring now, you’ll have to stretch it later for the cheese to fit.

We started with about 500 g of our Easy Wheat Bread dough, and, for the final rise, we shaped it into a ring on a piece of parchment, and covered it with a clean dish towel.

Next up, chop up a small handful of pistachios and a similar amount of dried apricots. Set these in the refrigerator while you go run errands and stop in for happy hour (that’s what we did, but it’s optional). The ring of dough should rise about 2 hours.

Place a baking stone in the oven and start heating it to 450°F.

filling camembert
Obviously, you can change up the nuts and apricots. We thought dried cranberries would be great, too.

Slice the wheel of cheese (we used an 8-ounce wheel) in half horizontally, and pack with the pistachios and apricots. Place the two halves back together. Set the wheel of cheese in the ring of dough, stretching it as needed. Use a kitchen shears to score the dough all around the ring. Please note that, if you don’t like the rind on Camembert cheese, slice off the top of the wheel and cover with the apricots and pistachios, and bake without replacing it. While eating, just scoop out the molten cheese.

baked cheese ready for the oven
The slashes in the dough will allow moisture to escape, creating a steamy oven and better crust.

Place the bread and cheese in the oven and bake for 22 minutes, or until the cheese is bubbly and the bread golden brown. Serve immediately.

How can one not like this? It’s oozy and gooey and melt-y and full of delicious cheesy calories with a few crunchy nuts and bites of sweet fruit to boot. We loved it; plus, it’s so easy, provided you have bread dough on hand. Five melt-y stars.

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