A Variety of Breads

A Variety of Breads
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weekly bread
Here, the ‘R’ stands for rosemary, the ‘W’ for walnut, and the one in the back is apricot-cranberry.

As you probably know, we make home- scratched bread nearly every week. Lately we’ve rotated between a half whole-wheat and a caraway-seeded rye. Both are really good, but, when we want something a bit different, we add a few mix-ins. Generally, about 75 g of chopped walnuts, some chopped fresh rosemary, or, one of our favorites, 50 g of chopped dried apricots and 25 g of dried cranberries. And, sometimes, we separate the dough into three pieces after the first rise and knead the additions into each chunk of dough, allowing us to make all three breads from one batch.

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