A Pumpkin! At This Time of the Year?

weekly CSA produce share
Looks as if we’ll be having pumpkin pie again.

We were quite surprised to see pumpkin in our share this week. Most years, we get pumpkin in October and perhaps November, but in January it’s a little unexpected. We figure that Farmer Frank must have put some of those pumpkins in storage during the fall harvest to help ensure that we get a variety of crops during the winter. Makes sense; plus, that’s the original reason for growing winter squashes, as they store beautifully.

All together, our share consisted of:

  • Navel oranges (3)
  • Yellow onions (3)
  • Pecans (1 basket)
  • Pinto beans (1 bag)
  • Red potatoes (2 large)
  • Red Russian kale (1 bunch)
  • Arugula (1 bag)
  • Pie pumpkin (1)

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