A Little Smackerel for New Year’s Eve

A Little Smackerel for New Year’s Eve
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new year's eve cake
A cake perfect for two!

For New Year’s Eve, we thought that we’d put together just a little treat. A small cake. Now, if you’re wondering whether a small cake is harder to make than a large cake, the answer is no. In fact, we found it even easier to decorate than a large cake, because it’s much easier to get a nice, smooth coat of frosting. Now, if you’re looking for the recipe and instructions, we’re going to disappoint, but we give a rough outline as to the method.

First, we made a half batch of a standard white cake that we baked in an 8×8-inch cake pan. We chose it because it’s a very tender cake, but it’s study enough to be cut into pieces without falling apart. Next, we sliced it into three 1/2-inch thick layers. Out of each layer, we cut four 3-inch disks with a large biscuit cutter, ending up with 12 disks. From those, we selected the best eight, saving all the scraps for making Gur cake.

Next up: a batch of Swiss Meringue Buttercream (or as we refer to it, fluffy buttercream frosting, well before we knew its correct name), where we decreased the amount of butter to just one stick. Once made, we scooped a small amount into a piping bag fitted with a star tip; the rest we tinted light blue with three drops of blue gel food coloring.

Assembly was straightforward: four layers separated by the blue buttercream, then a crumb coat over the entire cake. Freeze 10 minutes, apply a finish coat of blue buttercream, followed by stars around the edges, and we had a couple of nice-looking and tasting cakes. Happy new year!

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