Cream of Cauliflower Soup

cream of cauliflower soup
Perfect for a cold night.

You might not think it gets cold here in Southern Arizona, but it does. Not the bone-numbing cold of the upper midwest, but we will have a few nights below freezing each winter. (Yes, we know all you Minnesotans are laughing at us right now. It’s okay; we don’t mind). When this happens, our minds turn toward soup as a warming meal.

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Worth the trouble?

Just a reminder…

…that the farm crew has a couple of weeks off at the end of the year. Therefore, no post about what we picked up in our weekly CSA share.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Caramelized Onions and Pistachios

roasted Brussels sprouts
Part of Christmas dinner!

We don’t seem to get Brussels sprouts in our weekly CSA share, or, at least, we can’t remember getting them. Which is a shame because we really like them; we figure that either they don’t do well, or that Brussels sprouts are a lot of trouble to harvest for 800 people. So, when the CSA is on holiday break, we need to seek other produce, some of which is often Brussels sprouts.

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peppermint patties
Minty and cool!

We wanted to try a new type of candy this year and had just read a recipe for peppermint patties, or, as we’ll refer to this version, pepperminties. We found this in Prune, by Gabrielle Hamilton, which we really enjoyed. It’s printed to look like the notebook that the staff uses in the restaurant (maybe it’s basically a copy; we don’t know), including handwritten notes about handling and plating the food. If you want to have some feel for what goes on in a high-pressure restaurant kitchen, check out this book. But, for now, let’s check out how to make pepperminties.

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Ho, Ho, Ho!

You’re not looking for a post on Christmas Eve, are you? Instead, relax with family and friends. Oh, no post for Christmas day, either.

The Dark Days of Winter

During the holidays, the farm crew gets a well-deserved break. And, though we miss getting our fresh produce each week, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Peanut Brittle

stretching brittle
Peanut brittle is easy to make at home.

No one seems to make candy from scratch anymore. And, while we can understand that, well, just a bit, because candy is so ubiquitous, we happen to know that candy you make at home is about a million times better-tasting. Plus, some candies are remarkable easy — you can have a batch done in under an hour with very little effort on your part. But, we do have this caveat: use a candy thermometer, preferably a digital candy thermometer. It’ll set you back about $15, but, once you start using one, you’ll never know how you did without. So, if you have a thermometer, let’s scratch up a batch of brittle.

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