Honey Butter

Honey Butter
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Okay, so this is an easy post, but, what do you expect right after Thanksgiving day? After all, we spent much of the afternoon making dinner, so anything we can write up needs to be quick and easy. Hence, honey butter, which we made to go along with hot fresh Pain D’epi.

We’re guessing that you already know what’s in honey butter, but you might not know how much honey to how much butter. We’re here to help: it’s about 1 part honey to 8-10 parts butter. That’s it. Now, you know that you just cream these two together — some more professional food writers will say to use a mixer, we say that’s a waste of time — just set the butter in a bowl and allow it to warm to room temperature, add the honey, blend, and you’re golden.

making honey butter
Rather than having to clean up a mixer for something as simple as honey butter, we just went at it with a spatula.
Honey butter
To make it look nice, we pressed it into a small sauce cup.

For just the two of us, we used about 3 tablespoons of unsalted butter, which is 9 teaspoons, so we added 1 teaspoon of honey (note, 1 part honey to 9 parts butter, right in the sweet spot), and creamed with a spatula. Done in five minutes.

Five buzzing stars.

Worth the trouble?

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