Are Those the First Greens of the Season?

weekly CSA produce share
We find it hard to believe, but we’re still getting tomatoes from the farm. After all, it’s the beginning of November.

Look at that! A small bunch of arugula, which we think might be the start of what we refer to as greens season, or what passes for winter here in Arizona. We call it that because, when growing conditions are right, we get a huge amount of greens. The first couple of years, it was daunting to take home bags stuffed full of greens of all sorts. “How are we going to eat all these?” we’d think. But, we’d find a way. After awhile, it became second nature to deal with greens, and now we look forward to getting those bags overflowing with various leafy vegetables.

This week’s share consisted of:

  • Pie pumpkin (1)
  • Arugula (1 bunch)
  • Tomatoes (5)
  • Sweet potatoes (4)
  • Roasted green chilies (1 bag) — traded for more tomatoes
  • Butternut squash (1)
  • Eggplant (4)
  • Lemon cucumbers (3)

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