Stuffed Pumpkin

stp_004About a week before Thanksgiving, our local paper ran a recipe for Pumpkin Stuffed with Everything Good. Since we had a small pumpkin at home and we’d planned to make stuffing, we thought, “sounds good, let’s try it!” And that, in a pumpkin shell, is how we decided on one part of our Thanksgiving Day dinner. Now, we know that it’s too late for your Thanksgiving Day dinner, but there are other holidays approaching, or you could even consider this for another special occasion. Failing that, bookmark this page and come back next Thanksgiving.

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Pasteurized Semifreddo

Wrap it up and it’s ready for the freezer.

Okay, we’ve written about semifreddo in this post and this post, both really easy ways to make a homemade ice cream-like treat. So, why are we doing another post, especially since this will also be vanilla semifreddo? Well, the previous two posts used raw eggs, and we know that some people are wary about using raw eggs in their food. From what we’ve heard about industrial eggs, we really can’t blame them. So, we thought we’d show you how to make this treat, but in a way that the eggs are pasteurized. It’s more difficult than the other posts, but it uses important cooking techniques that are widely used, so let’s start scratchin’.

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Honey Butter

Honey butter

Okay, so this is an easy post, but, what do you expect right after Thanksgiving day? After all, we spent much of the afternoon making dinner, so anything we can write up needs to be quick and easy. Hence, honey butter, which we made to go along with hot fresh Pain D’epi.

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Think about what the day means — a day set aside for giving thanks — and, if you’re having a feast today with family and friends, take some time to realize your good fortune; many are not as lucky, so please try to remember them during the upcoming holidays.

We’re thankful for an abundance of things, material and not, and we strive to remember that throughout the year, rather than relegating our thanks only to the fourth Thursday in November.

That’s a Lot of Produce

weekly CSA produce share
We’re starting to see some of those winter greens, which means salads for us!

Often, right before Thanksgiving, we get a little something extra in our share, and this year was no exception: there were small pie pumpkins available — we think they were mainly leftovers from a previous week’s share. We made sure to get one, to roast and remove the pulp, even though we currently have another sitting on the floor. That one’s already destined for a new (to us) dish, so you might see it sometime in the future.

This week, we picked up:

  • Tomatoes (3)
  • Red potatoes (2)
  • Baby butternut squash (4)
  • Sweet potatoes (5)
  • Armenian cucumbers (3) — plus one from the surplus basket
  • Oranges (3)
  • Arugula (1 bunch)
  • Braising mix (1 bag)
  • Pie pumpkin (1)

Cranberry-Orange Scones

cranberry orange scones
cranberry orange scones
Scones fresh from the oven!

We made up these little scone bites for the volunteers (ourselves included) at our Monday night walk. We wanted something that would tie in with the Thanksgiving holiday, but slightly different from the standard type treats: pumpkin/sweet potato pies, so we thought that we’d make up a scone with the flavors of cranberry relish. It seemed like a straightforward thing to do.

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Sweet Potato and Goat Cheese Soufflé

sweet potato and goat cheese souffle
sweet potato and goat cheese souffle
Just three eggs will fill a loaf pan!

Every other week, we pick up a log of goat cheese from the Tucson CSA, and sometimes we’re just not sure how to use it. We always figure out something, but it can take some thought. So, this last week when we picked up our cheese we made the effort to come up with something new; something that also used at least one sweet potato, too, since we picked up eight in our share. We came up with the idea of a soufflé. Yes, one of those dishes that just seems destined for disaster. Well….

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