Cinnamon Stick Ice Cream

cinnamon stick ice cream
cinnamon stick ice cream

Okay, we know it’s Hallowe’en, but, rather than a trick, we’re going to show you how to make a treat: Cinnamon Stick Ice Cream, based on the recipe at The French Laundry. Yes, the famous restaurant run by Thomas Keller. We’ll probably never get to eat there, but, thanks to Chef Keller’s books, including The French Laundry Cookbook, we can at least try to make something approaching what they’d serve.

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Sweet Potato and Peanut Soup

sweet potato and peanut soup
sweet potato and peanut soup
Delicious and creamy!

The idea of sweet potato and peanut soup came to me in the middle of the night. Really. All I know is that I woke up one morning with the idea of making a soup with those two ingredients. I had no idea about what other things might be in the soup to add flavor, but, I did know enough that I must have seen or read a recipe that sat in my brain until that morning. I searched the Scratchin’ Central library to no avail, so it was off to search the Internet.

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Smoked Paprika Pasta Dough

smoked paprika pasta
smoked paprika pasta
We have a hand-cranked pasta machine to roll and cut our pasta (into square spaghetti).

This past Monday, we were busy making those delicious Sweet Potato Parmesan Hammantaschen to bring down for the volunteers who work the check-in tables at our weekly downtown walk. So, we needed something quick and easy for dinner when we returned home. Naturally, we thought of pasta. That’s easy, and, if you use fresh pasta, it takes only minutes to cook up, too. So, we set about making a quick sauce that we could re-heat, then quickly worked out a pasta dough, but with a twist.

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A Mosaic of Vegetables

weekly CSA share
It almost looks like a tile mosaic of vegetables arranged on our cutting board.

Yes, we’re still getting tomatoes, although they’re now picked green. We’re not sure if that’s because of a threat of frost, or if it’s because, as the cooler nights move in, tomatoes just won’t ripen on the vine.

Our share included:

  • Pumpkin (1) — we chose a small one
  • Red onions (3)
  • Red potatoes (4)
  • Lemon cucumbers (5)
  • Anaheim peppers (5)
  • Basket of mixed peppers (1) — included shishito, yellow hot, and habañero peppers.
  • Yellow eggplant (4)
  • Greenish tomatoes (4)

Custard Filled Kuri Squash

custard filled squash
custard filled squash
Not as good as it could be.

Many years ago, one of us went to a Thai restaurant with a large group of people, one of whom was from Thailand. He ordered for the table so that we’d be sure to have authentic Thai dishes. For dessert, we had custard-filled pumpkin, which was delicious. When we picked up our Kuri squash this past Wednesday, we thought they might be the perfect vehicle for making this traditional Thai dish.

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Ginger Thins

ginger thins
ginger thins
The cookie monster would go wild!

About once a month we start looking for a little something for church coffee hour. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, nor does it have to be huge, but just something that people can munch on while they chat a bit. Of course, with Hallowe’en almost upon us, we were thinking of something that would match the season. Initially we thought of mini chocolate cupcakes with an orange-colored frosting, but, having just made several cakes in a row, we went with something a little easier: Ginger Thins cookies.

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Skully Bread

skull cut into bread
Look carefully and you might see someone looking back at you.

It’s not often that we have a Sunday post, but we couldn’t resist showing off our loaf of bread fresh from the oven. After all, it is close to Hallowe’en.