It Seems Late for Tomatoes

weekly CSA produce share
To be honest, we’re starting to get a bit tired of onions in each week’s share, but, we know that’s how a CSA works.

If you look, we picked up some tomatoes in our weekly share. To us, it seems late in the season for tomatoes, but, then, we did have a longer than usual spring, lasting until nearly June, then a blazingly hot June, followed by a somewhat normal moderately rainy July and August, so, who can say what’s late or early this year?

We will note that we were out of town for a long weekend, so we did have a hiatus in posts. It might take us a few days to get back into the swing of things, but, we’ll be up and running full-steam ahead soon.

So, this week’s share included:

  • Shishito peppers (1 basket)
  • Roasted green chilies (1 bag) — traded for more shishito peppers
  • White onions (2)
  • Red potatoes (3)
  • Corn (2 ears)
  • Pinto beans (1 bag)
  • Tomatoes (3)
  • Melon (1) — we chose what we think is a honeydew

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