weekly CSA produce share
It’s especially nice to get fruit in our weekly share. Fresh fruit, picked when ripe, is unbeatable.

We’ve been members in the CSA for over eight years, and, during those years, one of the things we really wished was that we’d get more fruit. Even if it were only during part of the season. Now, we did get some citrus fruits and melons as they came ripe, but, other fruits, not so much.

To our delight, our farmer has planted a huge number of fruit (and nut) trees on one of his plots, and we’re starting to see the results — we didn’t want to say “the fruits of his labor” and hear you groan. But, we are starting to see some of the tree fruits come in. We had peaches earlier in the year, and a couple of times we’ve had apples, and now some pears. Yay!

This week, we picked up:

  • Apples (2)
  • Pears (2)
  • Yellow Honeydew melon (1)
  • Shishito peppers (1 basket)
  • Red onions (3) — traded for more shishito peppers
  • Yellow squash (1 large)
  • Sweet potatoes (5)
  • Carrots (3) — and they look like Mokums, our favorite

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