Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
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chocolate chunk ice cream
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Even though there isn’t too much of a post today, be assured that we are busy, moving into high gear for an upcoming event. So, today, we squeezed in a batch of ice cream, basically our Triple Vanilla Ice Cream, with chocolate chunks added. Want to see more?

This is pretty straightforward, so there isn’t too much to say, and we’ll refer you back to that Triple Vanilla for making the custard. But, you could also use Peppermint Ice Cream as your base.

Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Yield: 2 quarts

Chocolate Chip Ice Cream


Abbreviated Instructions

Place chocolate chunks in a sieve and tap the sides to shake off and remove any chocolate dust. Reserve the dust for another use.

Set up an ice cream machine and churn according to manufacturer's direction. When churned, fold in the chocolate chunks.

Pack and freeze.

Ingredient discussion:

We don’t recommend chocolate chips, as they freeze a bit too solid in the ice cream, instead get a high-quality chocolate and chop it into small pieces.

Procedure in detail:

removing chocolate dust
The secret to keeping your ice cream from turning brown when you add chocolate chunks: simply use a sieve to remove the chocolate dust.

Clean chocolate. This is really the only step that’s different from making any other ice cream, but it’s important if you want a nice contrast between the ice cream and the chocolate chunks. Place the chocolate chunks in a sieve and tap the side repeatedly to shake off the chocolate dust. Keep that dust for another use; after all, if you bought good chocolate, it was pricey, so don’t waste it.

Churn ice cream. Set up an ice cream churn according to the manufacturer’s direction and churn the ice cream base accordingly.

folding in chocolate
Now you can fold in your chocolate chunks for a perfect- looking ice cream.

Fold in chocolate chunks. Pour the chocolate chunks on top of the frozen ice cream and fold in. Feel free to take a taste; we did. If you want soft serve ice cream, start serving it up.

Pack and freeze.  Pack the ice cream into an airtight container and freeze.

We didn’t dish any up quite yet, but we did taste a bit as we packed the ice cream and during clean up. Using really good chocolate is the secret, making for a better taste than commercial versions. But, as scratchers, we’re not the least bit surprised that we can make a better product, because we can choose the ingredients that we like best. Five stars.

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