Super Saucers

Super Saucers
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100% scratched Super Saucers! Yay!

Years ago, when we would hit the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum for their summer Saturday evenings, we had a certain tradition. We always visited the hummingbird aviary, then perhaps the other aviary, before they closed for the evening. Then, we’d get some dinner, finishing up with Big Ed’s Super Saucers as a dessert treat. We loved them, and thought that they were probably the best dessert-like thing at ASDM. They were made from a really good cookie, and some pretty good ice cream.  Plus, they were huge, nearly 5 inches across and almost 2 inches thick. Then one year, they were gone.

Replaced by some national brand of ice cream treats, right off hand we can’t even remember what brand, but you know it, we’re sure. It’s the one that has the gummy cookie and blah ice cream sandwiches, the ones that are about 3 inches across and an inch thick, which is fine, because they really aren’t good enough to want more. We tried them once, and never again, but we did check from time to time, hoping to see that Big Ed’s had reappeared. It’s never happened.

We liked them so much that we even checked online, and found that we could buy them at one of those big-box shopping club stores. Now, we aren’t members (we find we’ve never had the need for two 1-gallon tubs of mayonnaise shrink-wrapped together, even if they’re only $11.97), and don’t plan to be members, so, we’ve relegated Big Ed’s Super Saucers to memory.

Fortunately, we can make our own Super Saucers. All you need is some frozen cookie dough (we recommend Bouchon’s Double Chocolate Chunk and Chip, or Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies) and some ice cream. Choose any kinds you like; bake up a few cookies, let them cool, scoop out some ice cream, make a sandwich, and raise a toast: “Long live Big Ed!”

Worth the trouble?

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