Caramelized Onion Scones

caramelized onion scone
A snack, or to go along with a meal. Your choice.

When they think of scones, a lot of people think of a little sweet bread-like food with bits of fruit mixed in. Something like cranberry scones, or apricot scones, or even the Cherry Chocolate Scones we made the other week. But, we think they may be missing out on some great possibilities. One example is these caramelized onion scones, which, to our minds, sound like a perfect savory bread to have with some soup. We modeled these scones on Bouchon Cheddar Scones, and, if you’ve made those, you already know some of the best things about these scones.

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Super Saucers

cookie ice cream sandwiches
100% scratched Super Saucers! Yay!

Years ago, when we would hit the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum for their summer Saturday evenings, we had a certain tradition. We always visited the hummingbird aviary, then perhaps the other aviary, before they closed for the evening. Then, we’d get some dinner, finishing up with Big Ed’s Super Saucers as a dessert treat. We loved them, and thought that they were probably the best dessert-like thing at ASDM. They were made from a really good cookie, and some pretty good ice cream.  Plus, they were huge, nearly 5 inches across and almost 2 inches thick. Then one year, they were gone.

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Mushroom Goat Cheese Tart

mushroom goat cheese tart
Along with a side, it’ll be a main. In smaller pieces, an appetizer or a side.

Another recipe from Modern Jewish Cooking, by Leah Koenig? Absolutely! This book was one of the biggest surprises that we’ve had over the last couple of months (at least when it comes to cooking books). When we first saw the title, we debated: a Jewish cookbook, what would that have that would be interesting to us? We (wrongly) thought that it would be full of heavy dishes or perhaps everything would involve gefilte fish and matzo balls, or something. We just didn’t know. Instead, it’s crammed with great- sounding recipes, all of which seemed to appeal to our tastes (and probably yours, too). So much so, that we think it should be titled something along the lines of Modern Cooking (Oh, and by the Way, the Recipes are Kosher, Too).

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Rosemary and Pine Nut Ice Cream

rosemary pine nut ice cream
Cool and tasty!

Sometimes we think that the various “gourmet” ice cream shops make odd-sounding flavors just to intrigue people. You know the kind: Chili Lime Sorbet, Bubble Gum, Carrot Mango Sorbet, Hibiscus Beet, etc. They may sound interesting, but do they taste good? We happen to like to stick to the standards: Triple Chocolate, Vanilla, Chocolate Macadamia Nut Crunch. The ice creams that sound and taste like ice cream. But, then, we ran across the recipe for Rosemary’s Baby in The Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream Book, by Jake Godby, Sean Vahey, and Paolo Lucchesi, and it stood out as one of those flavors that we’d actually try.

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Güero All These Peppers Go?

weekly CSA produce share
Sweet and hot. Sweet potatoes and yellow hot peppers. A great combo.

Ah, you’ll get the title if you know how to pronounce güero; otherwise, just realize it’s a bad pun. With all those güero peppers mounded up, it’s hard to see everything we picked up this week:

  • Güero peppers (1 basket)
  • Quelites (1 bunch) — traded for more güero peppers
  • Roasted Green chilies (1 bag) — traded for, yep, you guessed it, güero peppers
  • Summer squash (4) — we did need some other vegetables
  • White onions (3)
  • Eggplant (1)
  • Apples (3)
  • Sweet potatoes (3)

So, seriously, where’ll all those peppers go? (Get the title now?) We’ll do a quick batch of pickled peppers.

Easy Rye Bread

easy rye bread
A perfect loaf of rye!

We’ve been working on our rye bread for several months, and, while we might tweak it here and there in the future, we now think the recipe is ready for prime time. It’s a straightforward bread, and it’s pretty easy to make, with very little (almost none, actually) kneading. But, we will warn those people who’ve never tackled making a rye bread before that there are a few things to keep in mind.

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Real Pickles

making fermented pickles
Five minutes of your time and you’ll have a batch of real pickles going.

These are real pickles. Not the kind that you get in a store, but real 100% fermented pickles. The kind your grandparents (or maybe great-grandparents) made or bought. At one time, the method we’ll show was the preferred method for making pickles. But today, almost no one makes pickles with 100% fermentation anymore. Do you want to know why?

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