Some Bonus Squash

weekly CSA produce share
A couple of bonus squash from the surplus basket can always be put to good use.

Last week, we mentioned the surplus basket. Basically, it’s a place where people can put produce items that they just don’t like and can’t find a trade for something better. Occasionally, it’s also a place for excess produce from the previous week. We can tell, because, as with this week, sometimes the produce is cold from being in the refrigerator. Well, if it’s something we like, we have no problem picking up some to boost our share. This week, the surplus basket had round summer squash sitting there, so we grabbed a couple.

Our regular share included:

  • Tomatoes (1 basket)
  • Garlic (1 head)
  • Summer squash (4) — we selected pattypans
  • Peaches (3)
  • Sweet corn (2 ears)
  • Sweet potatoes (3)
  • Pecans (1 bag) — already shelled, which is nice
  • Glendale Gold onions (5)

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