Peach Tarte Tatin

Peach Tarte Tatin
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peach tarte tatin
A simple swap of fruit and you have peach tarte tatin.

Last week we purchased a flat of peaches through the Tucson CSA. Since we knew that there would be a mix of peaches, some that were ready to use now, and some that could wait a few days, we prepared for our pick-up by making a pie crust for those super-ripe or bruised peaches. Nope, not for peach pie, although that would be good. Instead, we followed the recipe for Tarte Tatin, using peaches in place of apples, with no other changes. It’s a great treat, and we might suggest that, if you have a surfeit of peaches, why not give it a whirl and scratch one out yourself?

Since the recipe is exactly the same as the Tarte Tatin recipe, we won’t give that here, but we will say that it’s worth four stars, as the peaches are fuller of moisture, which makes the crust a bit soggy in spots.

Worth the trouble?

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