Cats’ Tongues Cookies

cats' tongues cookies
That’s one mess of cats’ tongues.

No, not from cats. No, not for cats either. But shaped to look, vaguely, like the tongue of a cat. We wanted a less sweet, little treat one day, so we decided that we’d try these little cookies. Sure, you can eat them plain, but you can also make sandwich cookies, by spreading a small amount of jam between the layers, and even, if you’re so inclined, dipping one end in chocolate. We were up for that!

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Swiss Chard and Mushroom Panade

No, not fuzzy soup, just a blurry photo of panade.

So, what’s panade? If you said bread soup, you’re right. While it seems like an odd thing from which to make soup, bread is often used in soup in one form or another: croutons on top, bread for dipping, and, as in the case of Italian Bread Soup and this panade, the bread is cooked right in the soup. Several times in the past, we thought about making a panade, and just put it off, until we finally forgot all about it. So, how did we resurrect the idea?

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Is That Shadow, Speedy, Bashful, or Pokey?

weekly CSA produce share
Pac-Man fans rejoice, we’ve picked up some ghosts in this week’s share.

Okay, so some of those pattypan squash look just like the ghosts in “Pac-Man.” We guess that’s where they got the idea. After all, there’s little new under the sun. Well, maybe not, but this week’s share consisted of:

  • Summer squash (4)
  • Onion (1 huge) traded for more potatoes
  • Red La Soda potatoes (3)
  • Melon (1) — a cantaloupe
  • Cucumbers (4) — plus four more from the surplus basket
  • Peaches (4)
  • Green beans (1 bag)
  • Green chiles, roasted (1 bag)

Pan-Seared Cauliflower

pan-seared cauliflower
Hearty enough for a main course. And, oh, so delicious!

On Saturday, we headed over to the farmers’ market to pick up some vegetables, before we went to the supermarket for the rest of our weekly shopping. Normally, we don’t hit the farmers’ market, as we often have enough vegetables from our weekly CSA share to last a week. This week, we needed a bit more to last us until Tuesday. When we do go to the farmers’ market, we generally don’t think of buying specific types of produce; instead, we look around and see what looks good. This Saturday was different; we wanted something in particular.

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Zucchini Salad

sliced zucchini
A good way to use a big zucchini.

We had one of those eight ball squash (basically a spherical zucchini squash) left from our CSA pickup, and we wanted to do something a little different with it. We thought about the Zucchini and Bread Salad, and we were headed that direction when we veered off and decided on a new style zucchini salad. One based vaguely on our Light Cole Slaw recipe, instead.

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Bread Baking Day

fresh baked bread
The first loaf from the oven, two more to go.

Most Saturdays are bread baking days here at Scratchin’ Central, and today’s no different, although we’re still working on making a rye bread that we think everyone will like (and still be easy enough that anyone can make it). Today’s bread is an onion-rye; we hope to include a photo once the loaves come out of the oven (and, as you can see, we did).

Magic Lemon Cake

magic lemon cakes
Oh, Oh, It’s magic. Sorry, you’ll have that song stuck in your head until you make these cakes!

Sounds interesting, right? And the photos of it looked really cool, with the three layers of a “cake” that form naturally while it bakes: the magic is in the cake. And, the best part is that the recipe happens to be sized to make just two small cakes. Perfect. Now, we found this recipe in Dessert for Two, a great little book written by Christina Lane, and you can read her original recipe on her Citrus Buttermilk Pudding Cakes post. In fact, that’s the recipe we used.

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