The Farm that Grew the Golden Goose

weekly CSA produce share
We picked that little yellow squash specifically because it looked like a goose.

It’s not really a goose, but, to our minds, it looked like one, sitting there in the squash bin as we went down the pickup line. Naturally, we picked it right up to bring home, figuring that we could work it into our post somehow. We also worked it into the batch of Pasta Primavera we had for dinner last night, so that goose was cooked (sorry, but we couldn’t resist).

This week’s selection included:

  • Watermelon (1)
  • Cantaloupe (1)
  • Summer squash (5)
  • Peaches (3)
  • Tomatoes (3)
  • Cucumbers (6)
  • Grapefruit (3)

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