Microwave Popcorn

microwave popcorn
microwave popcorn
This is two batches of popcorn that we made. Yummy.

Are you dumb enough to buy that pre-packaged, microwave popcorn? Don’t worry, because we are, or perhaps were, that dumb, too. We really liked having bags that just went in the microwave, hit the on button, and, bing, in less than five minutes, popcorn. The thing we didn’t like was the expense — for the price of one box of microwave popcorn, you could buy a pound (or more) of popcorn kernels. Fortunately, we have the solution: cheap, wholesome, microwave popcorn. No mess and done in five minutes. What more do you want?

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Vacation Time!

No posts for the last week or so because we were away from the Scratchin’ It kitchen. Specifically, we were spending time here:

valley view of Yosemite
One of the most beautiful places in the world: Yosemite National Park.

Don’t worry, more food posts are headed your way! (Although they might be simpler than normal as we get back into the swing of things.)

Cavatelli with Rosemary Beets and Pine Nuts

cavatelli and beets
cavatelli and beets
Beets turn everything red!

While we have some favorite beet dishes (almost anything made with beets is tasty in our book), we still like to experiment with new combinations of flavors. This particular recipe came out of the desire to make up some whole-wheat (well, 50% whole-wheat, anyway) pasta to go along with dinner. As it so happens, we have a number of frozen egg whites left from when we made a batch of ice cream, and pasta is a great way to use them. The rest of the ingredients came from what we have in the refrigerator.

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St Patrick’s Day Bread

Today, we’re busy baking up a few different traditional Irish breads, so we only have time to let you know what they are, but we’ll see if we can squeeze in a few pictures later in the day.

The breads we decided to make are: Ballymaloe brown bread, Irish Soda bread, and Irish Tea Brack. For the Ballymaloe brown bread, we even ground the grain ourselves — something that we hope to do more of for all of our bread baking activities. Talk about some serious scratchin!

Potato Apple Fadge

frying fadge
potato apple fadge
Crispy on the outside.

Fadge? What in the world is fadge? That’s what we wondered, too, but, instead of just wondering when we saw this recipe, we thought it might be worth trying. Since it’s an Irish recipe, we waited until right before St Patrick’s Day to make it, giving you, dear reader, the opportunity to try it yourself on the day when everyone is Irish. Just follow along.

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Strawberry-Balsamic Dressing

pouring salad dressing
strawberry balsamic dressing
Fresh salads deserve fresh dressing.

Sometimes the perfect thing for lunch is a nice big salad, the kind with candied walnuts, a bit of cheese, perhaps a little fresh fruit, and a nice salad dressing. As part of our scratcherhood, we don’t buy salad dressings. In fact, we can’t remember the last time we bought any salad dressing at a store. Sure, it’s partly because we like to make just about everything from scratch, but the real reason is that making salad dressings is just so dog-gone easy!

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Potato Leek Soup

leek potato soup
leek potato soup
Creamy, creamy, creamy!

You might think that this recipe is just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, and you could certainly make it up for dinner on the 17th; however,  we have to tell you that we’re not sure how Irish this particular recipe is. Sure, you can find plenty of Irish versions of potato leek soup, but, as far as we could tell, most of them used heavy cream, which we didn’t have on hand. So, we went with this recipe, and, based on the book from which it came, it might just be a Continue reading “Potato Leek Soup”

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