What, More Greens? Of Course!

weekly CSA produce share
A couple of greens you might not recognize: Mizuna, in the upper left, is a type of mustard, and the large rosette on the right is tatsoi, a type of Chinese cabbage.

As you can see from the photo, it’s still the winter growing season around here. And that means greens. At one time, we had difficultly using all those greens, but now it just seems the way things should be. About the time we get tired of greens, they start disappearing from our shares, and, then in the fall, when we start missing them, they reappear. It’s seems as though we’ve converted to a seasonal schedule.

This week we picked up:

  • Tangelos (3)
  • Red potatoes (4)
  • Mizuna (1 bunch) — the frilly stuff in the upper left
  • Dill (1 bunch)
  • Pecans (1 basket)
  • Tatsoi (1 head) — on the right
  • Radishes (1 bunch)
  • Salad mix (1 bag)

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