Star of the Meal

Star of the Meal
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Dill and caraway bread
Next time we use a stencil, we’ll be sure to put even more flour in the basket before placing the stencil on the dough.

Sometimes the bread is the star of the meal. In this case, it’s obvious that we intend it to be the star. There’s one emblazoned right on top.

Yes, while we haven’t posted any bread recipes lately, you can be assured that we’re still making bread on a nearly weekly basis. This week, we used a modified basic bread to make a caraway-dill wheat bread. We still can’t get a 100% whole-wheat bread that we like, but we’re gradually figuring out how to make something that incorporates more whole grains. In this case, we modified the basic bread dough recipe to use 300 grams of white whole-wheat flour, 700 grams of bread flour, and 730 grams of water. Everything else stayed pretty much the same. It makes a slightly stickier dough that slumps a bit more, but it still has the interior texture (crumb) that we want.

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