Grapefruits Galore

weekly CSA produce share
We had so many grapefruit we had to stack them like cannonballs.

No, we don’t get that many grapefruit as part of our typical share. Instead, we got them through trading. The people at the CSA know that everyone’s taste is different, so they set up a trading table. At the start of pickup, they set out nine baskets, eight of which have a single share of each type of produce; the ninth basket is left empty. If there’s some produce you don’t care for, you can simply trade it for anything in one of the baskets. Just place the item in the empty basket, then take the produce from the basket of your choice. Of course, there are times when there’s less of a selection to trade — when there are produce items that have limited appeal. But, overall, it works out pretty well.

This week, our share consisted of:

  • Cilantro (1 bunch) traded for a share of grapefruit
  • Dill (1 bunch)
  • Dandelion greens (1 bunch) traded for more grapefruit
  • Grapefruit (2)
  • Mizuna (1 bunch) — this is a type of Asian mustard greens
  • Pac Choi (1 bunch) — like bok choy, but smaller
  • New potatoes (10)
  • Gold onions (3)

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