Rob’s Famous Baked Nachos

robs famous baked nachos
robs famous baked nachos
Learn from the master nacho man himself. We did!

If you know Rob, you’ve probably have had these nachos. If not, you’ve been missing out on some really tasty meals. Now, this really isn’t so much a recipe; instead,..

…we’ll let Rob tell it in his own words:

The ingredients vary, but the overriding principle remains the same — Ratios! You must exercise caution to insure that you do not have too much of any of the ingredients — you know the deal — moderation in all things, including moderation. They’re never the same, but some of the best batches are rather thin when baked.

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Radish Greens Pesto

radish green pesto
radish green pesto
After a few pulses, you have pesto!

Having visited the farm where much of our produce is grown, we’ve come to understand just how much labor is involved. And, having been there in the middle of summer, just how hot it is, too. It is a lot of work, all throughout the year, particularly including those really, really hot days in Phoenix (that’s where some of the acreage is). With that knowledge, we’ve acquired a new respect for our food and the people who produce that food, so we’re always loathe to waste it. Any of it.

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Rapini and Goat Cheese Risotto with Pine Nuts

rapini risotto
rapini risotto
Ultimate comfort food!

This recipe grew out of an idea to use our share of rapini in a new way. It seems that when you look for recipes involving some sort of green — including rapini — there’s just one recipe out there that’s endlessly repeated. If you’ve ever looked, you know the one; sautéed greens in olive oil with a bit of garlic and some crushed red pepper, then hit up with a little salt and pepper before serving. Well, when you get greens at the rate we get greens from the CSA, that recipe gets old fast.

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Grapefruits Galore

weekly CSA produce share
We had so many grapefruit we had to stack them like cannonballs.

No, we don’t get that many grapefruit as part of our typical share. Instead, we got them through trading. The people at the CSA know that everyone’s taste is different, so they set up a trading table. At the start of pickup, they set out nine baskets, eight of which have a single share of each type of produce; the ninth basket is left empty. If there’s some produce you don’t care for, you can simply trade it for anything in one of the baskets. Just place the item in the empty basket, then take the produce from the basket of your choice. Of course, there are times when there’s less of a selection to trade — when there are produce items that have limited appeal. But, overall, it works out pretty well.

This week, our share consisted of:

  • Cilantro (1 bunch) traded for a share of grapefruit
  • Dill (1 bunch)
  • Dandelion greens (1 bunch) traded for more grapefruit
  • Grapefruit (2)
  • Mizuna (1 bunch) — this is a type of Asian mustard greens
  • Pac Choi (1 bunch) — like bok choy, but smaller
  • New potatoes (10)
  • Gold onions (3)

Triple Vanilla Ice Cream

triple vanilla ice cream
triple vanilla ice cream
We scream for ice cream!

Once you have an ice cream freezer, your relationship with ice cream changes. First, you realize that most ice cream — even ice cream purported to be the best in town — isn’t that good. The simple, basic ice creams you churn yourself are so much better. Of course, you have an advantage — you don’t need to skimp on ingredients. Then you begin to make the standard recipes even better, as in today’s post.

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Pumpkin-Pecan Tea Muffins

pumpkin pecan mini muffins
pumpkin pecan mini muffins
Rows of muffins! All bite-size!

Why do they call it coffee hour? After all, don’t some people have tea? Or juice? Or even water? Well, we don’t know why it’s called coffee hour, but we do know that we wanted something new for when one of us hosts the tea/social hour at church. Of course, we could do something that we’ve done before, something that we know most people would like. But what’s the fun in that? Right! We can already tell the dedicated scratchers are rubbing their hands in anticipation, so let’s do it.

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Bittersweet Chocolate Tart

We often revisit some of our favorite dishes, but we neglect to let you know about them. This week, we made up a Bittersweet Chocolate Tart, which is downright wonderful; plus, it’s about the easiest dessert you can make. Here’s a miniature version.

You can see that we re-used the stencil that we made for the crêpe cake.
You can see that we re-used the stencil we’d made for the crêpe cake.
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