Greens for the Holidays

weekly CSA produce share
Greens and reds: perfect for the holidays!

Look at that photograph. We’re really starting to get those winter greens that we’ve been looking forward to for about a month. Now, of course, we need to start figuring out new ways to cook them — we never have too many greens recipes — so stay tuned.

This week, after being away for two weeks, we picked up:

  • Mustard greens (1 bunch)
  • Scarlet turnips (1 bunch)
  • Salad mix (1 bag)
  • Red potatoes (4)
  • Roasted chilies (1 bag)
  • Gold onions (2)
  • Navel oranges (4)
  • Chinese cabbage (1 head)

Plus, we picked out a couple of small bok choi from the surplus basket.

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