Raspberry Popovers

Raspberry Popovers
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raspberry popovers
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What’s a quick, easy, and tasty dessert that uses raspberries? If you answered raspberry popovers, you probably looked at the title of this post. It’s okay, because it took us a few minutes of thinking to come up with raspberry popovers. In fact, it probably took less time to mix them up than it did to come up with the idea for these popovers. Want to try some for yourself?

These are so simple; we just use our popover recipe and place three raspberries on top of the batter before placing them in the oven. That’s it.

making raspberry popovers
Just place a few raspberries on of top the batter before baking. That’s it.

Thirty minutes later, pop them onto a plate and dust with a bit of powdered sugar. Enjoy.


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