Salted Dark Chocolate Pudding

salted dark chocolate pudding
Smooth. Chocolate.

We’ve just finished looking through the book Ovenly, by Erin Patinkin and Agatha Kulaga, and knew we’d want to try out something. Almost always, we like to start with something simple to make, but which sounds decadent. In this case, we chose their version of a dark chocolate pudding to have as a dessert. Naturally, we put our own little twist on it — just to make the pudding a bit creamier — as you’ll see if you compare our recipe with theirs.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Gobble gobble gobble!

We hope that you aren’t reading this on the 27th! If so, you should be spending your time with friends and family. Regardless of what you’re doing, we wish you a happy Thanksgiving.

Potato Leek Galette with Sage Cream

potato leek galette
Very tasty, but the peas were dry.

After making the Over-the-Top Quiche the other day, we had a leek left over. We happen to love cooking with leeks; the taste is mild, but full of flavor. Oh, how we wish we’d get them in our weekly CSA shares (we have, but not very often). Sure, they can be a bit of trouble to clean, but the effort is worth it. So, what to make with the single leek? We had originally thought of a recipe for Leek and Cheese pie, but that called for six leeks. Out. Instead, we just made up this particular dish for dinner.

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Chocolate Guinness Caramels

chocolate Guinness caramels
Chocolate! Guinness! What’s not to like?

It’s getting close to candy-making time for us. And perhaps, you, too. This year we decided that we might try a couple of variations on some of the candies that we normally make for the holiday season, and we’ll start right off with these little caramels. If you’ve never made caramels before, you should know that they are pretty easy, especially if you have a candy thermometer (you can make caramels without one, but we wouldn’t recommend it), so jump right in and scratch up some holiday treats!

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Over-the-Top Mushroom Quiche

over the top mushroom quiche
It’s a huge quiche!

Every once in a while, we need to try something that will test (and improve) our culinary skills. You know, make something that will take concentration, stamina (bet you didn’t think about stamina being required for cooking, but it is), dexterity, and finesse.  We went with Thomas Keller’s Over-the-Top Mushroom quiche. And, just to put the pressure on, we decided to make it for a dinner meeting.

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Homemade Cream Cheese

cream cheese on bagel
Cheese! Made at home!

Making cheese at home seems unrealistic, doesn’t it? We mean, it just seems as though some sort of alchemy takes place that’s beyond the realm of mortals like us. Well, it may seem that way, but think about the names of some cheeses: farmer’s cheese, cottage cheese, for instance; both refer to where they were made. So, it’s obvious that at least some cheeses were made on farms or in cottages and probably at home, too. Let’s try scratchin’ out an easy one.

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Ginger Ale

home made ginger ale
Cool. Refreshing. Made at home.

Did you ever think about why ginger ale is called what it is? After all, if you taste a piece of ginger, it doesn’t remind you of ginger ale, does it? Nor does a swig of ginger ale make you think of something like ginger chicken, right? Well, we can’t say what they put in commercial versions of ginger ale; if we had to guess, we’d lean towards ingredients made from petrochemicals. But, we happen to know it’s possible to make your own ginger ale right at home. And, guess what, no petrochemicals, but it does have ginger in it.

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