Okra, Okra, and More Okra! Yum!

weekly CSA produce share
Three baskets of okra! We’ve been at the trading table.

Yay! We’re still getting one of our favorite vegetables, okra! As you can see, we were able to do some judicious trading to increase our okra intake for the coming week. Now, take a good look at those potatoes: three colors! Red potatoes, gold potatoes, and purple potatoes. Mmm, another favorite.

So, this week, our share was:

  • Mixed potatoes (1 basket)
  • Summer squash (5 small or 4 large; we went small)
  • Okra (1 basket)
  • Roasted chilies (1 bag), traded for more okra
  • Tomatillos (1 basket), traded for more okra
  • Black beans (1 bag)
  • Watermelon (1)
  • Bell peppers (2)

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