Who Trimmed the Corn?

weekly CSA produce share
Two new types of peppers, plus lots of okra and corn.

So, what’s up with that corn? Why do those ears have the ends trimmed off? Corn isn’t like that in the store!

You’re right, but there’s a simple explanation. The corn we get from the CSA is grown naturally (read organically, but not certified), and that means there are insects to deal with on the farm. Good insects (like ladybugs), and bad insects (like corn borers). So, sometimes our corn has damage on the tips due to corn borers. No big deal; we just trim that away, but this time the people on the farm did it for us. And, of course, the reason you don’t see corn like that at the store is that it isn’t grown naturally. Instead, it’s blasted with pesticides or genetically modified to manufacture a poisonous protein(s) from a certain bacteria.

We think it’s easier to deal with the corn borer by cutting off the tip of the corn.

This week’s share included:

  • Yellow Doll watermelon (1)
  • Sun Jewel melon (1)
  • Cucumbers (4)
  • Corn (4 ears)
  • Shishito peppers (1 basket)
  • Okra
  • Cubanelle peppers (1 bag)
  • Red onions (1 basket) traded for more okra.

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